Tuesday, October 3, 2017

PowerPoint PRINCE2 Project Brief Template

In complex environments with high level of ambiguity, rich content in the shape of a document might be needed to describe objectives, scope, products, approach and roles. But for some projects, the context is known and the project environment quite clear. In these cases more structure can compensate for less rich content, and a PowerPoint slide deck might do the job as a project brief.

In the PRINCE2 Template section, you can find a PRINCE2 Project Brief PowerPoint Template. It is quite straight forward, but the combined Scope and Project Product Description (PPD) might need some explanation:

Like described in the article PRINCE2 Project Brief – Scope vs PPD, you should go wide, not deep, when discussing the scope. Instead of listing end product details in the scope description, you should make sure all dimensions of the scope are covered. Preparing the production environment, preparing for maintenance, launch/roll out, training and support material should typically be listed as scope items in the Scope column of the template.

For each line of scope you link the appropriate part of the project product description (PPD). By doing this, you get a natural breakdown of the PPD composition and you can tie acceptance criteria, method and responsible to each part of the composition.

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