Step 5: Sell PRINCE2 to Your Organization.

The time has now come to sell PRINCE2 to your organization. First step is to make sure the management team accepts the value of having a project management method. All project are different, but share some characteristics: A temporary organization is needed to deliver an output desired by the business.  

A Project Management Framework supports the implementation of project management within an organization because:
    Sell the 7 PRINCE2 Principles - Implementing PRINCE2
  1. Best Practice - It supports the development and replication of accepted practice. 
  2. Tribal Language - Helps communication within the team because of a common Language.
  3. Toolbox - Streamlines the use of tools and techniques for key project management processes.
  4. Consistency - Establishes a consistent approach which aid customers understand the project management processes.
  5. Focus - Ensure that focus is maintained during the early stage of the project lifecycle.

So why PRINCE2? There are three key arguments you can use when selling PRINCE2 to your organization's executives:

  • Well-proven approach and widely used framework built on best management practice collected over decades of experience.
  • Driven by seven principles
  • Scalable to suit the environment.

PRINCE2 ImplementationEspecially top management will often appreciate an approach being driven by principles and being scalable. Their reluctance to methods and frameworks are often driven by fair of becoming too process oriented, leading to sacrifice of agility and entrepreneurship. So in the first introductions, focus solely on the seven principles.

If needed, you should also emphasize that PRINCE2 is not a product development methodology or an IT System implementation methodology. PRINCE2 will therefore not complete with SCRUM, Waterfall, XP or other development philosophies already used – but PRINCE2 is rather a complementary framework at the project management level.

It is extremely important for a successful PRINCE2 implementation that you have support from the executive management team, and this is the time to secure it.

You should be prepared for some counter arguments when you start the PRINCE2 sales process. The best situation be be in is to have influential stakeholders with PRINCE2 competence supporting it. The second best situation is to not have any stakeholders with knowledge of project management methods. The most challenging situation is to have naysayer stakeholders who know enough about PRINCE2 to be dangerous. You can prepare yourself by reading: Why the PRINCE2 Naysayers are Wrong.

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