Thursday, May 23, 2019

Approaching PRINCE2 Management Approaches

Stakeholders can get annoyed if we are hitting them with text heavy project methods without creating sufficient value. A PRINCE2 template lends itself to abuse, tempting the author to document where no documentation is needed or to generalize where specifics are needed.

A particularly difficult and vulnerable area is the PRINCE2 Management Approaches where you easily end up generalizing or stating the obvious.

Making a Difference

As a project manager, you are advising the project board on what needs to be done to make sure the project succeeds. A good advice is an advice that is actionable and makes a difference. All sentences, paragraphs or chapters in the management approaches should fulfill or support the following criteria:

  1. It will make a difference. If we do what is stated, the probability of succeeding with the project increases. 
  2. It will not happen by itself. If it is part of existing and well functioning Standard Operating Procedures, or it is an embedded part of the culture – then there is no need to state it for this specific project. 
  3. It is realistic. It is doable, and we are willing to enforce it. 
  4. It is specific, precise, actionable.

If a sentence, paragraph or chapter in the management approaches doesn’t fulfill or support these criteria, it should be deleted.

When authoring the management approaches, looking for good advices to share with the project board, you can use the same list and ask yourself “What should I suggest that will make a difference, will not happen by itself, is realistic and specific?”

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