PRINCE2 Templates

Below you will find the PRINCE2 Templates you need for your PRINCE2 Project.

Project Mandate
PRINCE2 is not defining a format or structure of a Project Mandate, but if you're able to implement a standard project mandate approach in your organization you can use this Project Mandate template to capture the information needed to start the Project Brief for your PRINCE2 Project.

Project Brief
Secure a good start for your PRINCE2 project by producing a quality Project Brief.
Full PRINCE2 Project Brief Template :Try this template.
Short PRINCE2 Project Brief Template: Try this if you want a short and simple version.
PowerPoint PRINCE2 Project Brief Template: Project Brief as a presentation

Business Case
One of the PRINCE2 principles is that a project must at any time have a continued business justification. This justification can be documented using the PRINCE2 Business Case template.

Logs and Registers
A pragmatic approach to deal with all the suggested documents, registers and logs is to do some of it in e-mail and excel.  Take a look at this template covering all PRINCE2 logs and registers

Project Initiation Document
The purpose of the PRINCE2 Project Initiation Document is to define the project, in order to form the bases for its management and an assessment of its overall success. The Project Initiation Document template

The first plan you need to make in a PRINCE2 project is the Initiation Stage Plan.
For every management stage in your PRINCE2 project you should make a Stage Plan

The Benefits Review Plan
The PRINCE2 Benefits Review Plan defining how, when and by whom the benefits will be realized. Here is the template.

Product Descriptions and Work Packages
As a PRINCE2 Project Manager, you need to secure alignment between with your Team Managers on what should be done and how. This is why you have:
PRINCE2 Product Description
PRINCE2 Work Package

See also the alternative one page versions:
PRINCE2 One page Product Description Template
PRINCE2 One page Work Package Template

A one page PRINCE2 Highlight Report
A straight forward Issue Report template.
If you like the pragmatic approach, some of the PRINCE2 reports can be e-mail. The issue report is one example:

From: Project Manager
To: Project Board
Subject: Issue Report

This is an issue report to alert you to the fact that...

Impact analysis:






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