Saturday, December 13, 2014

All the PRINCE2 logs and registers - can it be simplified?

Overwhelmed by all the suggested documents, register and logs in the PRINCE2 project management framework? Risk Register, Quality Register, Issue Register, Lessons Log, Daily Log and Configuration Item Records. It can look like an overwhelming number of documents, but there is a way to keep this simple:

A pragmatic simplification is to collect all registers and logs in one Excel spreadsheet. The spreadsheet has a tab for each PRINCE2 register and log.  Have a look on the PRINCE2 Templates page.

The PRINCE2 Registers and Logs:
  • Daily Log: Is used to record informal issues, required actions or significant events
  • Lessons Log: A project repository for lessons that apply to this project or future projects.
  • Issue Register: To capture and maintain information on all of the issues that are being formally managed.
  • Risk Register: Provides a record of identified risks relating to the project.
  • Quality Register: Is used to summarize all the quality management activities that are planned or have taken place.
  • Configuration item Records: provide a record of such information as the history, status, version and variant of each configuration item.
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