Friday, December 12, 2014

Shake Hands with the Team Manager

Your success as a Project Manager is depending on others – first and foremost your Team Managers. Without your teams, nothing is produced. But how do you get commitment from your Team Managers to produce what is needed, with the quality agreed, in time and on budget? PRINCE2 has a clear recommendation:

Give the Team Manager a Work Package in writing, describing what is to be done and by when. The Work Package is a wrapper of one or several Product Descriptions explaining what is to be made and what quality is expected. You find the suggested templates on the PRINCE2 Templates page.

The agreements between project managers and team managers/members are often too loose and informal if a project management method like PRINCE2 is not applied. PRINCE2 comes with a few good tools to help us along:

  • The Product Description. The description of the deliverable, what quality is needed, who will use it, what activities are needed to produce it and how the quality will be assured in.

  • The Work Package. This is the tools for a Project Manager to pass responsibility for work formally to a Team Manager (or team member). The project manager and the team manager agrees on time, cost, techniques, processes, procedures, approval method etc. and document this in the Work Package. The Work Package contains one or more Product Descriptions. 

  • The Quality Register. This is where the Team Manager documents that a product has been quality assured using the agreed quality method, by whom and when.

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