Monday, December 15, 2014

What is PRINCE2 - really?

Are all definitions of the PRINCE2 Project Management method almost impossible to understand? At first products, processes and themes can be very confusing, but this tribal language can be learned.

To put is simple, PRINCE2 is guiding you on how to govern and manage a project. There are no project templates and not really any tools and tactical techniques in PRINCE2, so why bother? You do need your project templates, tools and techniques, but your project will not succeed unless you can execute it is a smart way.

PRINCE2 will advice you on who in your organization should make which project decisions, how you secure alignment on what to deliver and how to secure that your main stakeholders are well informed. PRINCE2 is truly intuitive when understood, but you need to go through a confusing tribal language lesson first.

The pillars of PRINCE2 are seven principles. The themes and processes described in the PRINCE2 Manual are there to help you understand how to execute a project in alignment with these seven PRINCE2 Principles.

PRINCE2 is widely used internationally, and you will be able to find courses and certifications in most places around the globe.

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