Monday, February 23, 2015

Keep a PRINCE2 Process Model within sight.

Process Model PRINCE2

As a PRINCE2 Project Manager or a PRINCE2 Project Board member, you need to understand and remember the process and document flow in the PRINCE2 method. Eventually, a project manager will intuitively understand the processes and documents in detail, but even then, it is useful to have a tool keeping the overview in sight. This is why you should keep a printed version of a process map on your wall or next to you while studying and practicing PRINCE2. Here is a couple of different models at different levels:

  • Level 2 – PRINCE2 Processes and Document Flow. This gives you an overview of the
    Document Flow PRINCE2
    PRINCE2 processes and which documents flow from one process to another. This is a useful overview to keep next to you while building your PRINCE2 expertise and a stepping stone to get comfortable with the full PRINCE2 process model.
    Process Model PRINCE2
  • Level 3 - Full PRINCE2 Process Model. This is a full PRINCE2 Process Model including creation, update and submission of all documents, all main activities and major events. It can be a bit overwhelming at first, but is an extremely useful tool as you get a grip on it.
The above process and model maps are good communication tools as well. Keep one next to your desk, and use it for “point and tell” when people walk up to you with process questions.
You find all three models and more on the PRINCE2 Downloads page.
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