Step 10: Stage It

The time has come to go all-in and implement the fourth PRINCE2 principle, Manage by Stages. Your first stage in a PRINCE2 project is always the Initiation Stage, and you plan the subsequent stages in the Project Plan which now becomes part of the Project Initiation Document (PID).

You now introduce Stage Plans and End Stage Reports to your Project Board and make sure Business Case, Benefit Review Plans, Project Plan and other parts of the Project Initiation Document are reviewed, updated and re-approved if needed at every stage boundary.

PRINCE2 Implementation CompleteThese last couple of steps described, control delivery and implement stages, might sound easy when just reading it, but do not underestimate the care you need to put into the PRINCE2 implementation to get the organization with you and not against you.

Good luck and have a happy PRINCE2 experience!

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