Step 7: Build the Toolbox.

Two of the early deliverables a PRINCE2 Implementation project must have on the scope list is “The Toolbox” and “Building PRINCE2 Competency in the Organization”.
The Toolbox
PRINCE2 Toolbox. PRINCE2 ImplementationDo not let the organization loose on PRINCE2 projects before you are able to tell them exactly what to do and which tools and templates to use. You need to go through the PRINCE2 processes and judge if the vanilla PRINCE2 will work for you. You need to find a way to communicate and train the organization on your tuning of PRINCE2. If your organization have a Quality Management System organizing Standard Operating Procedures, this could be a place to document your PRINCE2 processes.

You toolbox should contain your organization’s version of PRINCE2 templates and standard setups for collaboration tools, document management systems and configuration management.   

Building PRINCE2 Competency in the Organization
Building PRINCE2 Competency - PRINCE2 ImplementationI it very likely that a broader group beyond your PRINCE2 SWAT Team will need training. Some should get Foundation and/or Practitioner training. For others it should be sufficient with a one day introduction course to PRINCE2. It is important that several levels in your future PRINCE2 project management organization get trained: Board members, Project Managers and Team Managers.

Remember to train the organization on how to use your specific project toolbox. Do not limit the training to external PRINCE2 courses and certifications.

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