Friday, December 12, 2014

Scaling a PRINCE2 Project

PRINCE2 is an acronym for PRojects IN Controlled Environments, version 2, but how controlled do you need the environment to be? Well, that all depends on a lot of factors. Understanding your stakeholder’s risk appetite and the risk level in your project is a good start.

Are you working with new technologies on a strict timeline reporting to a nervous Project Board? If so, you need to put extra effort into controlling you environment. Here are your and the Project Board’s options:   

  • Number of stages. Many short PRINCE2 management stages gives more control, but it also brings more management overhead.
  •  Tolerance level. If your project and stage tolerances are narrow, you need to keep the leash short on the workpackages. The control is high, but again, the management overhead increases if it leads to exception report after exception report. 
  • Frequency of Highlight Reporting. The more frequent reporting, the better control.
  • Number of products and workpackages. High granularity of products and workpackages gives you better control, but it is obviously more work.
As you can see, the pattern is: more control = more project management overhead. Want to run lean and mean? If so, make sure your organization has the risk appetite for it.

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