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PRINCE2 Project Brief Template


Template PRINCE2 Project Brief
PRINCE2 Project Brief Template
A quality start up process is laying the foundation for a successful project. Do we have alignment on what the scope is and who the stakeholders are?

On the PRINCE2 Templates page you can find a Project Brief Template. Use this to document the start up process. Make sure it is reviewed and approved by the Project Board. That is your Foundation for success.

A PRINCE2 Project Brief is used to provide a full and firm foundation for the initiation of the project and is created in the Starting Up project process.

In the Initiating a Project process, the PRINCE2 Project Brief is extended, refined and turned into a PRINCE2 Project Initiation Document.

The PRINCE2 Project Brief consists of:
  • Project Definition. Background, objectives etc.
  • Outline Business Case. Describing the reasons why the project is needed.
  • Project Product Description. The description of the end deliverable of the project.
  • Project Approach. Defining the choice of solution.
  • Project Management Team Structure.
  • Role Descriptions.
The PRINCE2 Project Brief should accurately reflect the project mandate and the requirements of the business and users – but keep it brief!

Two PRINCE2 Project Brief traps to avoid:
  • Be careful if you are looking for a very brief PRINCE2 Project Brief Template! The Project brief not necessarily where you should simplify. Some a looking for a "one-pager" table or presentation slide version of the PRINCE2 Project Brief, but this will not encourage the reflection needed to secure a good start of the project. Read this to understand where you should focus on simplification.

  • On the other side, some get stuck in "brief-mode", trying build all scoping, planning and estimation into the PRINCE2 project brief. Don't get stuck in Brief Mode.

You find a PRINCE2 Project Brief Template on the PRINCE2 Template page.

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