Friday, December 12, 2014

PRINCE2 Advice: Don’t Get Stuck in Brief Mode

Starting Up a PRINCE2 ProjectHave your PRINCE2 project got information missing to get the perfect Project Brief? You should consider dropping it and move ahead. Keep the purpose of the PRINCE2 Project Brief in mind: Collect the information needed to support an informed decision on whether to start the project or not. Will the missing information make a difference to this decision?

Some PRINCE2 projects tend to get stuck in Starting up a Project for weeks and even months. Project Managers are discussing tolerances and details of scope, time and cost objectives with their Executive. If the missing piece doesn’t change a decision to start the project, state “to be clarified and detailed in the Project Initiation Document” and move to “Initiating a Project”.

Some are tempted to do quite a bit of planning in Starting up a Project to get some realistic project plan numbers in the Objectives section of the Project Brief. This is a common misunderstanding. The Objectives sections in not intended to be a plan, but rather defining the solution space the project must investigate plan within.

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