Friday, December 12, 2014

Don’t Deliver PRINCE2 Shocks

Many PRINCE2 implementation initiatives fail because executives get overwhelmed by the documents and processes. They are asked to review and approve document after document without truly understanding the purpose. An over eager, newly certified PRINCE2 project manager can make things even worse by exaggerating the volume and granularity of information. So what should you do?

Here are four advices:

1.       Introduce PRINCE2 one piece at the time. Start with mandates, Project Briefs and Business Cases to ensure a good foundation. Stage Plans and be a good choice for a second step. Logs and registers can be introduced a bit more behind the scenes. Be patient but determined with your organization.

2.       Make sure the intention and purpose of the documents are explained when they are introduced.

3.       Get project managers to under communicate the effort it takes to get management products done.

4.       If possible, provide some PRINCE2 training for your key stakeholders. Emphasis that the framework is driven by the 7 principles and that the rest is best practice advices on what it takes to get the principles to work.

More guidance can be found in the Implementing PRINCE2 section.

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