Saturday, December 30, 2017

Yes, It is a PRINCE2 Issue

The PRINCE2 Issue Register and the Issue Reports are crucial tools to keep your projects under control. This is where all important decisions and changes are reported and tracked.

Some feel there is a negative connotation to the word “Issue”. As a consequence, they underutilize issue reporting and the issue register. The end result is either poor traceability of decisions and changes, or unnecessary use of additional tools like a “decision log”.

If there is a change request to an already approved baseline, something is not delivered as promised, or guidance or a decision is needed on a problem, then it is a PRINCE2 Issue.

Here is some practical guidance:

  • If you feel like calling a meeting to get a decision, you can be sure it should be treated as a PRINCE2 Issue. 
  • If you send an e-mail to project board members to give them a “heads up” on something, it is probably a PRINCE2 Issue. 
  • If you are frustrated because something is not delivered as agreed, it is a PRINCE2 Issue. 
  • If you feel a decisions should be documented somewhere, treat the topic as a PRINCE2 Issue and document the decision in an Issue Report and Issue Register.

Using the capture, examine, propose, decide, implement process defined in PRINCE2 under the Change theme is very useful when dealing with issues. It is also very helpful to follow an Issue Report template to structure the information needed - even in presentation and e-mails.

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