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PRINCE2 Agile - Stage vs Sprint.

Stage vs Sprint - PRINCE2 Agile
PRINCE2 Agile - Stage vs Sprint
Those who have worked with agile methods like Scrum, and then are exposed to PRINCE2, can easily jump to the conclusion that a PRINCE2 stage is a Scrum sprint. Both in PRINCE2 Agile theory and in real life the link between a stage and a sprint is usually slightly different. 
In Scrum, a sprint is a time period in which development occurs on a set of backlog items that the team has committed to. A sprint typically lasts 1-4 weeks. Each sprint begins with a planning meeting. During the meeting, the product owner and the development team agree upon exactly what work will be accomplished during the sprint. The tasks agreed upon enters the sprint backlog.

In PRINCE2, the project manager is granted authority to manage the project stage by stage. When one management stage ends, the project manager will present an end stage report for the concluded stage, and a stage plan for the coming stage, to the project board. If the need for control is low, the stage is long. If the need for control is high, the stage is short. 

PRINCE2 Agile is saying that one management stage can include one or several releases, and that one release can include one or many sprints. 

Scrum Sprint and PRINCE2 Stage

For a Scrum team running without a separate release layer, there would simply be one or several sprints in a stage.

In most practical examples where proper, short sprints are implemented, a management stage will be quite a bit longer and contain multiple sprints.

So, the implementation advice if you are not sure: Have one release per management stage and several sprints per release.

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