Wednesday, January 4, 2017

PRINCE2 Project Brief – Scope vs PPD


A common challenge in PRINCE2 Project Briefs and PRINCE2 Project Initiation Documents (PID) is that the Project Product Description (PPD) is repeating too much of the Scope description. Repeating something previously described brings no added value, annoys the reader and potentially draws the attention away from other important points to get alignment on.

In addition, many struggle to get specific on the “Customer’s quality expectations” resulting in a Project Product Description filled with too many general statements. Sounds familiar? If so, the guidance below could be helpful.

  • Don’t start listing up end product details in the scope description. It can be very tempting, especially if you have the right stakeholders in a scope discussion. End product’s functionality, or various high level requirements, should be in the Project Product Description (PPD), not in the description of project scope.
  • Go wide, not deep, when discussing the scope. Instead of listing end product details in the scope description, you should make sure all dimensions of the scope is covered. Preparing the production environment, preparing for maintenance, launch/roll out, training and support material should usually be listed as scope items, or as exclusion to scope if that is the conclusion, in addition to building, designing or coding an end product. 
  • Match Composition with Scope. In the Project Product Description, the Composition should be the main deliverables for each of the scope items. Material needed for maintenance of the end product could be one example. 
  • Link Customer Quality Expectation to Composition. For every deliverable listed in the Composition, list the high level requirements, standards or other expectations as Quality Expectation. Include internal customers in when describing “Customer Quality Expectations”. For the person responsible for maintaining the end product, what would this person expect to get (listed as one or several items in Composition) and what should it look like (listed as Quality Expectation). Similarly, if “Prepare internal organization for release” is part of the Scope, “Internal training material” can be a Composition item, and “E-learning accessible through the company’s intranet ” could be a Quality Expectation.
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