Saturday, December 13, 2014

Warning: PRINCE2 is not a Development Methodology

Some PRINCE2 projects fail, and some PRINCE2 implementation initiatives fail, because people don’t understand the difference between PRINCE2 as a project management method and a development/implementation methodology.

IT System Implementations, Infrastructure Projects and Product Development Projects all need a structured approach to analyzing the needs, managing requirements, designing the solution and implementing it. This is not what PRINCE2 is giving you. PRINCE2 is very good at showing you how the project should be organized and how to run the general project processes, but it doesn’t give you any tools to gather or document detailed requirements, user stories or backlogs. So what do you need to do?

In addition to applying PRINCE2, you need to select an implementation or development methodology. There are different methodologies and approaches to choose from like Waterfall, V-Model, Scrum, XP and so on.

Some organizations do the opposite mistake. They select a development methodology and think they have a project management method as part of it. The conclusion is: You need both.

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