Thursday, December 11, 2014

PRINCE2 Key to Success: It is not about Documents and Processes

PRINCE2 Document When implementing PRINCE2 in the organization, it is important to not overwhelm people with documents and process talk. This can lead to resistance and push back from all levels in the organization and eventually stamp the framework as a failure.

Instead of documents and processes, you should talk about information and decisions. Instead of “Please give me a decision on the time tolerances for my Stage Plan”, say “If things do not go as planned, how many days off target should my forecast be before I notify you to discuss alternatives?”

And instead of "I need to fill in the PID for you to approve", say "I need to get the suggested plan down on paper and then we'll review it".

PRINCE2 is theoretically described in the PRINCE2 manual. You need to reflect on how the principles can be best applied in your organization, in your environment, and be practically applied. Then you need to consider how much of PRINCE2 vocabulary and tools can be implemented at what pace without triggering resistance. 

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