Tuesday, September 11, 2018

PRINCE2 Quality Management Approach

During Initiating a Project, the project manager is asked to clarify and document the Quality Management Approach as part of the Project Initiation Document (PID). The quality management approach describes how the project will manage quality - what we will do to make sure the projects products are “fit for purpose”?

If you are in an organization with complete and detailed standard operating procedures (SOP) covering quality management, and those produces are well implemented and used, your Quality Management Approach description should be quite slim and should focus on areas where the SOP is weak.

Below are some questions you should ask when clarifying and documenting the Quality Management Approach.

Process and Procedures
Are there any standard procedures to be followed on requirement management, testing, approvals etc.?
Any planned deviation from these procedures? If so, why? How will we make sure the quality procedure is followed – that approvals are tracked? Any standards or templates to be used?

Tools and Techniques
Which techniques (interviews, prototypes, workshops etc.) will be used, to ensure we are making the right product?
Which techniques will be used to make sure we are making the product right? (reviews,tests) 
Will a quality register be used? If yes, is it the only tool used to track quality actions and approvals? If no, what will be used instead?

When will quality be reported?
Where will quality be reported and who will receive the quality reports?

Timing of activities
When will quality management activities occur?
Any specific activities in Initiation or beginning/end of stages?

Roles and responsibilities
Who approved Briefs, Plans, Product Descriptions ?
Who makes sure detailed requirements are captured? Who approves them?
Who calls and organizes quality management activities and reviews?
Who makes test/review plans and reports?
Who enters what in the quality register and who approves?

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