PRINCE2 Change

The purpose of the change theme is to identify, assess and control any potential and approved changes to the baseline.

PRINCE2 uses the term "issue" to cover any relevant event that has happened, was not planned, and require management action. The three types of issues are

  1. Request for Change. A proposal for a change to a baseline.
  2. Off-specification. Something that should be provided by the project, but currently is not (or is forecast not to be) provided. 
  3. Problem/concern. Any other issue that the Project Manager needs to resolve or escalate. 
Issue and change control need to be integrated with the configuration management system used by the project. Configuration management is the technical and administrative activity concerned with the creation, maintenance and controlled change of configuration throughout the life of the product. 

The PRINCE2 Issue and change control procedure is:
  1. Capture. Determine the issue type. Determine severity. Log 
  2. Examine. Assess impact on project. Check severity/priority
  3. Propose. Identify options. Evaluate options. recommend options.
  4. Decide. Escalate if beyond delegated authority. Approve, reject or defer recommended option.
  5. Implement. Take corrective action. Update records and plans.

The PRINCE2 Change Theme is one of the seven PRINCE2 Themes

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