PRINCE2 Progress

The purpose of the Progress theme is to establish mechanisms to monitor and compare actual achievement against those planned; provide a forecast for the project objectives and the project's continued viability; and control any unacceptable deviations.

Progress controls ensure that for each level of the project management team the next level of management can:
  • Monitor progress
  • Compare level of achievement with plan
  • Review plans and options against future situations
  • Detect problems and identify risks
  • Initiate corrective action
  • Authorize further work.

PRINCE2 provides progress control through:
  • Delegating authority from one level of management to the level below it
  • Dividing the project into management stages and authorizing the project one stage at a time.
  • Time-driven and event-driven progress-reporting and reviews
  • Raising exceptions.

The project's controls should be documented in the Project Initiation Document (See PID template on the PRINCE2 Templates page)

The PRINCE2 Progress Theme is one of the seven PRINCE2 Themes

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