Common PRINCE2 Mistakes to Avoid

Here are a few commen PRINCE2 implementation mistakes you should avoid :
  • Competing with existing processes. There might be existing processes competing with the PRINCE2 method. Colleagues might get offended if you want to “steal” their process. Others might not understand why one process should be replaced by another.
  • Project managers implement their own version of PRINCE2. You need one single standard to not confuse the organization.  
  • Being a stranger. Incorporate vocabulary and processes already existing. That way PRINCE2 feels familiar and less of a change.
  •  Introducing bureaucratic. Only implement and demand what the organization is able to turn into value added processes. You have lost if the organization ends up with a lot of “write-only” documents.
  • Leaving the rest of the organization behind. Stakeholders, board members and team managers also need to be trained and helped to understanding their role.
  •  Asuming PRINCE2 will make good project managers. PRINCE2 is just a method and doesn’t help you develop communication or planning skills. It does not help you with team work, conceptualization or analysis.
  • Talking about the documents. Instead of documents and processes, you should talk about information and decisions. Instead of “Please give me a decision on the time tolerances for my Stage Plan”, say “If things do not go as planned, how many days off target should my forecast be before I notify you to discuss alternatives?”

Successful implementation of PRINCE in your organization is not straight forward, but it helps if you avoid the PRINCE2 implementation traps described above.

To ensure a successful implementation of PRINCE2 in your organization, it's important to avoid common pitfalls. These include competing with existing processes without explanation, allowing project managers to create their own versions of PRINCE2, neglecting to incorporate familiar vocabulary and processes, introducing unnecessary bureaucracy, leaving stakeholders behind without proper training, assuming PRINCE2 alone will make good project managers, and focusing too much on documents rather than decisions. By avoiding these mistakes, you can increase the chances of a smooth and effective PRINCE2 implementation.

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