Step 6: Establish a PRINCE2 SWAT Team and Implementation Project

Assuming PRINCE2 is selected, approved and supported to be your organization’s Project Management Method, the next step is to build a strong core PRINCE2 team.

Assemble key project managers and enthusiastic project executives (or other project board candidates) in a PRINCE2 SWAT Team. As we know, a SWAT Team has special training, and this is what you will now provide. The PRINCE2 SWAT Team should be trained and certified at both PRINCE2 Foundation and PRINCE2 Practitioner level. If possible, the team should be train and certified together and should use the opportunity to discuss how PRINCE2 should be implemented.

After PRINCE2 Practitioner certification, the PRINCE2 SWAT Team should spend some time together to discuss strategy for implementing PRINCE2 in the organization.

Always implement PRINCE2 as a PRINCE2 Project

This may sound obvious to some and ridiculous to others, however once you get used to the idea, it should become apparent: Run a PRINCE2 project to implement PRINCE2 in your organization.

It gives you an opportunity to model the behaviors you want to encourage, helps discover what works and what doesn’t, and demonstrates that the method works.

The Project Manager of the PRINCE2 Implementation project should be member of the PRINCE2 SWAT Team. So should at least one of the Project Board members. It may also be useful for other potential team members and key stakeholders to be familiar with PRINCE2 as well.
The PRINCE2 SWAT team should all be engaged and have a role in the PRINCE implementation project.

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